UK Business - Launchpad

We are a group of South Africans resident in the UK who have an extended group of contacts and relationships. 

  1. We find deals for our clients (through generating leads and prospects - Qualified Leads) 
  2. We ensure regular client engagement  that ‘once a client – always a client’ 

LET'S MOVE INTO THE FUTURE - (click for more detail)

  • Remember the days when we ‘knocked on a door’ – made a ‘cold call’ and arranged to meet a person to ‘sell our wares’ – our service.
  • We dialed/called a company - someone was THERE to take our call.
  • People were ‘anchored’ at their desk and/or in their office, more than today.
  • Such a transaction was easy – our ‘prospects’ were prepared to listen to our ‘story’, make a decision to meet with us – WHY – because they had a need.

With the advent of internet and mobile communications technology – the speed of doing business ‘ramped’ up dramatically! Let's harness these technologies for you! Click